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Brianna's Top 5 Fav Stores!

I can't express it enough, to first store I head to every time I go to the mall is Forever 21. It's a must! Their clothes are vintage, new-age, rock, classy, and overall just fabulous. And who doesn't like looking fabulous.

1. Forever 21


They have the best freakin sales all the timmeee!!! And I loveee sales!


Now what I love about Pacsun is that their stuff is Cali-Savay!I feel like I'm walking into a California store when I go there. And California's style is free, young and wild! I love it!


Ok. Who doesn't simply just love the color pink?! And their stuff is so comfy and PINK!


Best accessories!!!

Well, I hope you feel you know me a little more now! I try as much as I can to connect and show you all
who I am!

Stay tuned daily for more! :)

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