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Tip of the Week! : Beauty

Good Morning dolls!
The tip for this week is for your face.If your dealing with dry skin read the tip below. 

Tip: Showering bathes your skin in moisture. Scrubbing off with a towel right afterward strips that moisture away. The surface of your skin absorbs some of the water, which will be lost if you don't seal it in, so don't use a really good lotion everyday right after you take a shower. It will restore all the moisture back and the lotion leaves a great feel. 

If you don't know which kind to get, I use Olay, all there products are great for dry skin! 

Helps stop the cycle of dry skin with 24-hour moisture

Get yours here or at Wal-Mart

Thanks for reading the beauty tip of the week,
Till next time...
Stay Glamours!!

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