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The Most Used & The Recently Got!

  All from the Apple Store.

Hey dolls.
Since I'm stuck in bed for the rest of the day, I decided to share with you all my most used apps and the apps I recently just got!

First up is the most used apps! SOCIAL NETWORKS (mostly), a music app Pandora, and coin clip, for when I can't make up my mind.

The List :
Cinemagram (omg LOVE this app! Always makes me laugh)
We Heart It (kinda like Pinterest in a way)
Music Download (you can get all music for free)
Coin Flip

Love em all! Btw, there all FREE, don't you just love that word, lol, everything should be free these days, we all deserve something free!

For the recently got apps, there all free as well and most are photo editing and entertainment. There all really easy to use. Countdown is my fav now because it gives my the exact number of days, hours etc. if my event, which is my birthday! But, you can use of for whatever you want.

Till later ...

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