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Slumber Party!

I'm actually thinking of having a slumber party aka sleepover soon, so doing this post will help me organize and think of how the process will go! P.s I freakin' love sleepovers! Cacthing up on the gossip, trends, reading magazines and just being goofy!

1. If you have younger siblings ask your parent before hand, to keep them out.
2. Make sure all guest are busy, don't leave anyone out.
3. Make sure your room is presentable. Smells good, clean bed, party stuff out etc.
4. Have music playing. New music like Die Young by Kesha or Drakes Headlines, any great fist-pumping or head-shaking songs
5. Be reasonable. If someone doesn't want to gossip have the option of a pillow fight instead.
6. Keep the junk food near!! Chips, pop, popcorn, ice cream, cookies, etc.
7. Just have fun!

If your a teen a simple text or face-to-face thing could be a go.
1. Make sure the invitation fits the "theme". Like if it's a all-nighter (my fav!) slumber party, put some cute stuff on the card a moon and some stars and girls having a pillow fight. Something that fits it will be all night.
2. Date & Time!
3. What they will need
4. RSVP (if its a special occasion) 
5. Pick-up time

Note: You don't have to have the invitation. I just tell girls there's a sleepover at house and text them the time and date. They usually leave when they want or we just all go out to eat the next day or to the mall.

5 Things To Do! :
1. Watch click flicks!!
    List : 
Mean Girls
The Notebook
Pretty In Pink
Bring It On Series (my fav is the one with Solange!)
Freaky Friday
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
10 Things I Hate About You
She's the Man
The Princess Diaries 
2. Play Games!
    List :
Apples Apples
Mall Madness
Truth or Dare (classic)
3. Do each others hair & makeup
4. Play flashlight tag in the dark
5. Dare each other to call your crushes (best/funniest thing ever!)

More...because a whole lot can happen in one night!

6.At midnight go outside and run like idiots screaming and dancing to loud music (got in trouble for this many times!)
7. One word - Karaoke 
8. Spin the bottle
9. Make a YouTube video of you all singing, dancing or doing each others makeup with your eyes closed

Hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading as always... 

Stay Glamours!!!

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