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OOTD ; January 3, 2013

My outfit of the day consist of black shinnies, gold jewelry and a new mustard with leather lining shirt!
Since today was the first day back from winter break, I wanted to dress up a bit. The mustard shirt really gave that effect I wanted towards my outfit.

Tomorrow will be a more comfy, chilled type of look. Why? Because ITS FRIDAY BABYY!Lol. I'm already ready for the weekend and I just got back! School can get so tiring, especially because I'm in all IB classes (well sorta), If you dont have any clue on what IB is Google it here. It's sorta like AP classes but we think deeper in everything, we analyze the very little things.

Shirt: JCPenny (only $4!-holiday sale)//Pants: Levi's
//Shoes: Marshalls

Watch: old //Bracelets: Claire's 

P.s I took my extensions out in the car, so my hair was looking wild, lol, and I didn't want to show you all.

Have A Great Friday!

Till next time, 

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