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Lost & Found! : Winter Head Wrap!

Good Evening.
Feels like I haven't been on here in a while.
I'm back in school and its just been really hectic.
Non-stop work. But, today was very productive. I finished almost everything I needed to do in Journalism and half way done with English work. Left to do is Biology and study French, so things are kinda getting back in order.

Anyway now to the sorta DIY. I saw sorta because my wrap looked like this a first

Missing a diamond flower..

And I added this

So really I'm showing you all how not to throw away stuff so quick. Wait and look around to how it can be fixed. That said I'm changing the title .. instead of DIY, I'll be Lost & Found.

I actually lost my flower diamond earrings but I ended up finding one, so I said hey this can go on my wrap! I was so proud because I really wanted to wear the wrap and I've been too lazy to actually go out and buy a new one.

Thank goodness for lost earrings, lol.

All I did was stick the earring in the flower on the wrap and close the back! Very simple! So there's an idea for you all, use some of your "1"earring(s) and stick it in a old hat, make it current again. Have fun with it!
Check back tomorrow to see what I pair it with!

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