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January Series : What's In My Bag?!

Note : I change my purse every 2 weeks, or depending on my outfit for the day.

My everyday purse is by I don't know (lol I seriously can not find the name) and it's gray suede with black leather. Really cute. Also it has one pocket on the side and in the inside its broken up into 3 different sections.

To make it more less on the formal hand I attached my pink winter bear on the front.

Now to..
What's in my bag?!

Front section:
2 packs of gum
Eco lip balm
MK Signature lip gloss

Back section:
And that's it. Lol.

Middle section:
Lose money
LOVE Wallet
Floral print makeup bag
Pills (Aleve and Pamprin)
Body spray
Mini black brush

In the middle section little pocket:
Disinfectant spray
Another body spray
Hand sanitizer called Chocolate Creme Donut

And that's What's In My Bag!!

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