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iPod Tag Series! : Pt 1

I'm doing the iPod tag. But for pt 1 of this I'm doing only the home screen and lock screen. Later I'll do the rest of the "Poddie"-what I like to call my baby.

I don't know if people have done this on their blog before but I'm trying something different. I don't want to do a video, because everything just screws up when I do videos. So I sticking to screenshots.

Now to it..

My lock screen is a picture of stacked books of fashion. I got this picture from Instagram ( btw, follow me @roseyvintage) from the user @allisimpson. So yeah.

My home screen is a picture of a street sign named "Fashion". I clearly am in love with fashion.

So that's pt 1, lock screen and home screen! Stay tuned for the rest!

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