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Interview w/ Brianna Black!

 I decided to do this little 10 question interview to get you all to know me better and actually see how Chic Vadour by B was created! Lets get started..

Questions From the Brandon ( Interviewer) 

"About Chic Vadour by B"
1.Q: How did you think of Chic Vadour?
   A: Well, when I was younger, about 12 or 11, I wanted to be a fashion designer and I was thinking of something for my future clothing line, and I thought of something that sounded very classy and unknown, that's how it came! Then, I just added "by B".

2.Q: What is Chic Vadour by B?
   A: It's any human being that can make a statement at any age in fashion.

3.Q: What do you plan to do with Chic Vadour?
   A: A LOT! Lol, once I become legal I will created everything with the name of CV by B. From a magazine line to a fashionista laptop brand!

4.Q: Do you think you focus more on teens or adults?
   A: Definitely teens, because I'm a teen, I work around myself. But, I do need to start doing more adult wise post!

5.Q: Is Chic Vadour for men?
   A: I'm really trying to make it for my men, but its hard. I do little post here and there for them, but its not my main focus. 

" About Brianna"
1.Q: What's your favorite hangout?
   A: The mall! Lol, I love shopping!

2.Q: What's the perfect age?
   A: 16! I want to be 16 so bad right now lol! At 16, you have more freedom and 1 year left of high school!

3.Q: What's your motto?
   A: Stay Glamours!!

4.Q: What do you plan on doing for your 15th birthday?
   A: Build a makeup collection, buy a professional camera, do some shopping, dinner with the gals and guys and get cute! 

5.Q: What's after high school?
   A: College at NYU or MSU, interning at Teen Vogue, traveling in the summer to Paris, and work in the industry.

Hopefully you know me a little more and know what CV by B really is! 
Thanks for reading dolls, as always stay glamours!!

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  1. Great Q&A!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo


I love reading your comments, they make my day! I always try my best to answer all questions but would recommend tweeting me (@allthingsbrie) or emailing me (briannaablack@gmail.com) if you want to ask me anything inparticular or just chat with me! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
- Brie