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Instagram Love/How-to

I'm completely in love with IG. I mean who doesn't like capturing moments via pictures?!

First off, for the newbies who have completely no idea on what Instagram aka IG is, its a fun and quick way to share your life with friends through pictures.

When I first heard about IG, I thought it was kinda stupid and not needed, but it has changed my mind. I go on IG at least..maybe 15 times a day or more. IG is addicting.

Terms Used For IG 

IG - Instagram
Ghost followers - an anonymous person who follows you but will never like or comment on your pictures. If you choose to get rid of them block them!

How-to use IG

1.First you make your account, simple.
2.Upload some pics using the cool filters
3.Gain followers and get likes!

That's really all!

Tips for Followers & Likes 

1. I can not stress this enough, if you are new to IG or just simply want more likes
and followers, TAG!!!! TAG.TAG.TAG! Tagging will get you up to 20 likes and 50 followers within hours! Sometimes you'll get tired of tagging but in the end you will accomplish your goal of likes and followers.Ex : #likeforlike #instantlikes #followtrain #fashion #teen etc. Add up to 10 tags.
2. Follow step 1

3. Like and comment on the popular page -the popular page is where people who get tons of likes within seconds or minutes get on a page featured with their picture that got some many likes-
4. Share your IG on Twitter, Facebook etc.

MY IG : @roseyvintage - I do follow back just ask!! I just want to make sure your not a ghost follower! 

Thank you for taking the time to read! Sorry that it had to be post-poned, education must come first! 

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