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Event Series : Auto Show!

Yesterday me and my family went to the Auto Show. I was extremely excited this year because I can actually start looking for car since I started driving. Now I actually pay attention to types of cars, so it made the experiences better.My favorite car was the Range Rover Autobiography in black! <3

The Auto Show was very crowed, wasn't surprised at all because it was the last day. I really enjoyed myself ...but enough of the talking, check out the photos!  

*Sorry for so many photos!*

Before leaving the house

Yum! Love roasted almonds!! And there heated!
Going in (It was freezing outside!)
Peep my mommy! Lol

Pose! My gorge niece!
My future baby! "Ragey Casper" - lol, yes I will name my car! 

Isn't this car such a pretty color!?

Leaving the Auto Show
Detroit can be so beautiful.Esp. at night.

Thanks for reading dolls,
Till next time ...
Stay Glamours!!

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