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Android VS Apple : Does It Really Matter?

Here's my mini opinion on this whole thing vs android and apple.

NOPE! Lol, I actually think there on the same level. I mean they both have problems like force closing or freezing, both can easily get cracked, both can get irritating. One thing I do like about Apple is that it doesn't do SD cards, everything travels by iCloud. What I like about Android is that it doesn't run on just one system, your more able to personalize.

Now I have a LG Motion 4G android and a iPod 4 touch. Best of both worlds. They both act stupid, its technology. Nothing fully works perfectly and smooth. So really there's no battle. They're good and bad at the same time.Bittersweet love.Sorta.

That's my little "side-note" opinion on Android vs Apple.

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