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New Years Series! : Makeup Tutorial

The Look : Shimmer and Tenderly Bold
Face : Eyes and cheeks

What You'll Need :        
Eye shadow ;
   cream or white
   a neutral color
   sparkly silver
Liquid eye liner ;
A eye shadow brush
A darker than your skin tone blush
Blush brush
Brow shader

What I Use:
Scandal Eyes by Rimmel London Mascara
Rimmel London eyeliner
Loreal Eye shadows
Elf shadow brush and blush brush
Loreal Blush
Elf brow shader

Side Note: I do not wear concealer or foundation so you may add that before doing the next steps and in this tutorial I don't do my lips so at the end you may add a lipstick or gloss of your choice in color, personally I would go for a red lip or just a clear gloss.

Also I do not invest in my makeup. I either get Loreal or Rimmel London.Why? Because I don't always wear makeup, it's not my everyday kind of thing, so why buy makeup for a lot of money when I barely wear it. Maybe when I get older I'll be more interested in higher products.

P.s My hair was a MESS, so please excuse that, lol. I just put it up so that I can do my makeup more comfortably.

Step 1 : Apply the neutral or brown eye shadow
Step 2 : Apply the the black eye shadow
Step 3 : Next, get the gray and apply it on the crest of your eye
Step 4 : Then, get the white or cream shadow and apply it right underneath the eyebrow
Step 5 : Mix the gray, black and white or cream on your brush lightly and put it all over you lid (your really just playing with the colors black, white or cream, and gray, this is a fun look to you dont have to be artist at mixing and coping with the eye)
Step 6 : Apply the silver shimmery eye shadow
Step 7 : Now apply your liquid eyeliner under and over the eye, let it dry
Step 8 : Next, apply a mix of gray and black on top of the upper eyeliner

Step 9 : Add black eye shadow to the bottom waterline, adding it on top of the eyeliner
Step 10 : Add a bold very black mascara 
Step 11 : Now do a fish face and apply the blush like pictured below (it should be a little darker that your skin tone)

Step 12 : Now apply it on your chin 

Step 13 : Fill in your brows 


Here are the finishing look photos!!


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little New Years Series! Tonight I will post my outfit, hair and makeup as well as post the other hairstyle option. As always thank you and stay tuned!

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