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New Years Series: The Looks

Good Evening You All!
To start off this wonderful New Years Series, I'm staring first with the outfit, hairstyle and makeup look.

Classy In Sequence :
This effortless, bold and very define look has such a big impact on the New Year! Going all black with the sequence and touch of gold definitely shows off the bolder, classy, and empowered look. And yes, clothing gives all of that,  but that being said, clothing itself isn't really fashion, statements and individuality is what makes fashion.Leaving 2012 with the old trends and bringing in some flash and purity is something we all should consider.
Where to get it from: H&M or Forever 21 (the best stores ever!-aka-my two fav stores!)   

Statement Up-do:
Being now that covered the Sequence, it's time to cover the updo! Sequence is so flashy and grabs a lot of attention, so you don't want to over do your look by having a hairstyle that gets in the way of that, because then your entire look just looks like its clashing.To avoid that go for a very fun and formal bun! If the up-do/bun is too plain for you add a sparkly bow or a braid.Also, if you want to get creative twist your bun a different way or pin it up the opposite side of what you usually do. Have fun with it! Making it different is how you will get that statement up-do!
Where to get it from: Any beauty supply or Claries 

Chic-less Smokey Eye:
The title says it itself, the smokey eye. With your sequence and elegant and fun bun/up-do you have to have the great same effect on your face. Since the smokey eye is very bold and flaw-less, it's really gives off that finishing touch! Add some red lipstick and your done! 
Where to get it: Sephora or Ulta 

Hope your enjoying this series so far!

 P.s  I made the photos you saw above.
What to make something just like that? click here!    

Look foreward to.. :
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Stay Tuned! 


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  2. Awwww!!Thank you very much!! :)


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