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New Years Series : Hair Tutorial Pt 1

To start off I will like to say sorry I could not do the video nothing was working so in replacement I'm just doing pictures , step by step. So enjoy!
Side Note : Sometimes I get sick of technology.

First Look Before Hand Tips! : If your hair is straight you might want to curl it first so you can have some wavy and curly effect to it.

The First Look : Updo Swirl

Side View

Lets Get Started!!

What You Need :
Bobby Pins
Your Hands
Hair Accessories (if you want)

Step 1 : Start from the side of your hair and twist your hair as you keep going around

Step 2 : Keep twisting till you get to the other side of your head

Step 3 : Now you should have created something like above so far.

Step 4: Now you lift up your twist and wrap in in a circle on the side of your head on which
you ended your twist.

Step 5: Once you've done that bobby pin it up (I used 2)

Tip : If you have some hair sticking out curl them, that gives it a messy and fun look. But, if you dont like it down then bobby pin it up.Also, you may add a fancy shimmery headband or any hair accessory to complete.

Now you are finished! 

The next hairstyle will be in a different post at a different time :) Stay tuned!

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