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Last Nights Fun! : Holiday Lights

Hey dolls, how is your Monday going so far?!

Last night I attended the Wayne County Light Feast. It was extremely fun. Along with myself my family came as well as my moms great friend and her god daughter. I started off the evening going over my moms friends house San, then heading over to the light feast seeing the Christmas lights. Afterwards we visited the "North Pole" and saw Santa and enjoyed some yummy snacks, ending off the day going home and making Christmas cookies with some Christmas music on! Great way to start getting in the holiday spirit! For my outfit I went with a very comfortable and warm look (not fully pictured below).As for my hair is was simple. Simple as a ponytail.
Here are some photos of the fun from last night!

P.s ; Need a little help on getting in the holiday spirit or gift ideas? Check for ye upcoming "Link Day"! Giving you websites on how to start the holidays off right and some great gift ideas for that special someone or family member you've been really trying to please!

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