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Hair Series : Natural Hair Set

Happy Saturday Dolls!
The Natural Hair Set is very simple and can done on any type of hair texture. Doing this set helps your hair grow to its natural settings and helps replenish your scalp. How you say? Well because your not using any heat (which does damages your hair), any chemicals or anything else that's hurts your hair.It looks like this in this post.

What You'll Need:
Natural Shampoo
Natural Conditioner
Pink Lotion or a natural hair product
Hair bonnet
Hair scarf
1 ponytail holder

Steps :
1) Wash your hair
2) Condition your hair for about 2 minutes
3) When done towel dry your hair but still keep it wet/damp
4) Get your Pink Lotion and spread on your hair starting from the top
5) Get your brush and brush your hair into a ponytail
6) Get your hair scarf and put it on your head
7) Get the hair bonnet an put it on top

Let your ponytail stay curly (if it is) and still put the scarf and bonnet on if you hair is damp, that's how it's suppose to be. This is a night routine process so sleep on your hair then take off the hair bonnet and scarf in the morning. Now you have a natural hair set!!

P.s I only took one photo if the top/front.
Stay tuned for more next time!

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