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I really can't believe their bringing back platforms, so my mom says! 

Some of you ( teens ) are probably like" What are platforms?!" Platforms are shoes with big chunks on the bottom of the shoe, some are listed below.

In many magazines now their bringing it back along with fur. Personally I thought we were going to be done with fur, but I forecasted wrong! I'm actually loving the new look, I must say. It speaks personality, independence and a urban, comfy set.It looks great and warm for fall itself.
I know your wondering how would you wear them,what with and how do I know if I'm really comfortable in them.Well, I gathered a mini list for everything you need to know! Let me first say platforms are NOT for everybody. If you don't like them, their not a must, so go without them!

How To Know If You Still Need Some Practice:
- If you can't walk without straightening your knees at all
- If you cant pick your entire foot up at once.- If the size of your steps are now cut in half
- If you have to hold on to furniture or close friends every time you stop walking.

What Can I Wear Them With:
Practically anything, YES ANYTHING! But, of course not gauchos, short pants ( depending on which kind you have on ), or "booty" shorts!! 
Wear them with pants, leggings, jeggings and other bottom garments that will flattery the shoes.

Here are some suggestions on what to wear them with.

How To Wear Them:
Basically and almost the same way you would wear heels, just a flatter surface.



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