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OOTD: November 21,2012

Good Evening Dolls!
Today was the last day of school!Yay! Lol, I'm on Thanksgiving break.. so today since it was the last day I decided to go "chill". With that being said I just went for my dads old vest and some comfy flats.
P.s : you will see a lot of borrowed things on here, lol, I love shopping in my mom dads closet!

What I Wore:
Vest (navy)- dads :)
Pants- Levi's
Shoes- mall
Earrings-( pearl studs) Claire's
Headband - Claire's
Scarf - gift (from sister Britt)
Hair : Ponytail
Makeup : Mascara and eyeliner (top and under lid)

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- Brie