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OOTD: November 19,2012

Hey dolls!
Today in school I had to perform Romeo and Juliet!I was extremely nervous but excited. It turns out I love to act, and doing this in front of my peers not only made me feel comfortable on a different level of acting in front of an audience but connecting with more of my classmates. So in the end I had fun and learned something new!

For the role I had to dress in red, because I was Lord Capulet (Juliet's father). I was so surprised when I looked in my closet. I have NOTHING RED! Lol. I couldn't believe that! Red is like a basic must have, and I don't have it! Well that just was a sign saying its time to go shopping! That's all! The red poncho, I had borrowed from my mom, under neath I just wore a black long sleeve. Originally I didn't wear my khaki boots, I wore my black wedges. Throughout the day my feet got tired of the wedges so when I got home I threw on my boots!

What I Wore:
Black pants - Levi's
Poncho - moms :)
Long sleeve - Sears
Shoes - Nine West (but the original ones were from Marshall's- the wedges)
Earrings - Claire's
Headband - Claire's

And No Makeup!

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- Brie