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I know everyone is getting tired of the blue denim jeans. It's fall and we all want to mix it up a bit ! Not to bright colors like yellows and greens and not to ugly colors like a dark brown green ! YUCK ! Maybe a vintage rust denim or some RED DENIM ! I want to brighten up your wardrobe with bright fall colors ! Is that possible ? Bright colors in the fall ? YES, there is a difference between bright colors for summer and bright colors for fall. 
Summer Bright Colors Include:
and the rest of the rainbow 

Fall Bright Colors Include:
Dem Oranges
Anything Rust
Dark pattern Blues
Some Dark Pinks
Dark Green ( army greens )
Some Cremes
Even some pop green like turquoise 

What I want to talk about is vintage rust and RED ! Red is now in with fall. Red jeans/pants , red sweaters, red pullovers and red shoes ! Red can pop out any boring color and it slides in the fall, meaning we can wear red in the fall, its not just a summer color ! I mostly wear browns in the fall , but I looked in my closet and its just not bright enough for me! I need some color !! If your like me and you want that certain outburst or new fall feel in colors go with some red and rust. If you have no idea what vintage rust is I have a photo below on what It looks like.Rust comes in many shades pictured in below . My favorite is the first one pictured. I like it more on the dark shaded side so that the red can attract more. 

Ideas On How to Wear Them Both :

  1. Red pants with a rust top and a blazer 
  2. Rust pants with a white or black spaghetti strap shirt with a red sweater
  3. Black jeans with a red long sleeve top and pair it up with a sleeveless rust vest and some black flats
  4. Red long sleeve top with a rust scarf and some black jeans or if you really want to stand out wear rust jeans instead of black !  

This is a rusted red scarf ! :)

  This is vintage rust. It like an old rust with flair of blacks and 


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