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It's That Time of Month!! : Ladies and Gent's


It was extremely freezing today! Michigan weather sucks! I must admit! Hopefully we go another winter with no snow though.. I will LOVVEEEE Michigan then! Lol.

So I know your probably looking for that very stylish but very cozy and warm coat for this season! I have a couple in mind!

There's all different kinds of coats and you need to one that fits YOU BEST!

The fur adds more comfort and keeps you warmer, so
you won't always have to grab that scarf!

I  love the classic black wool coat. It's simple, warm and goes with everything!

Again, when you have fur you don't really need a scarf!

WHERE CAN YOU GET THEM WHEN ON A BUDGET!? : My all-time favorite coat store is Burlington Coat Factory! They have mostly all designer coats for less!


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