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Hair Series : Messy Pinned Twist

Messy Pinned Twist : Extremely easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes !!

How-to Do It Yourself ! :

What You'll Need -
About 7 bobby pins
Your hands
A cute headband
A brush or comb

Step 1 : brush your hair back as if your were about to do a ponytail
Step 2 : grab it and twist it as if you were about to clip it . So like twist the ponytail , but don't put it in a ponytail holder just use your hands
Step 3 : then grab some bobby pins and just start pinning till it holds, it should then get messy and create overlaps in hair so it looks complete
Step 4 : spray some hairspray or if your hair holds hairstyles then leave it as it is
Step 5 : grab your headband and put it on !

You Have Now Created A Messy Pinned Twist !! :)

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