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Hello Dolls. Its been a while ( in blogging days ). I've realized I am way too busy with school, outside activities, family events, and getting things ready for college. I'm in 3 different clubs, I go to my brother's football games like almost every other day, I get tons of homework in each class everyday almost, and I have many events I attend around 7ish. So it's getting harder and harder to blog each and every week! So sad to say I won't be doing a 3 day series of college fashion.. I'm putting it down to just 1. Expect so some tomorrow or Friday. 

It seems like I'm gonna have to blog mostly on the weekends and maybe twice during the weekdays. Tears. I Know. I really want to commit to this blog. But, it feels like school is getting in the way..I have no choice but to put my education first. I will definitely try and blog on the weekends!

Anyways ...
Here are some photos I took yesterday. I think they are cute so I wanted to upload them and show you !
( these photos are on InstaG ! Follow Me ! @roseyvintage !! :) ) 

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