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Good Afternoon all my college bound ladies ! 

This college edition of Blairs Look will be due to credit by http://www.collegefashion.net/ ! Check them out now ! 

Blair Waldorf Inspired Look :
How to get the Gossip Girl's look ! This exactly how college young ladies should be dressing for most of the part. I know those days where we just feel lazy, cold and don't care about how we look.In replacement go to your colleges store and buy a cute pullover and match it with some fitted yoga pants or Levi's jeans. Personally I feel comfortable in my yoga pants. I could go to sleep in them , but your in college and you need to focus, so if you know yoga pants are your sleepy pants DON'T WEAR THEM ! You need to stay wide awake so that you understand what your professor is talking about, whether your in a local fashion school or a big state university .

Blair's Look : Preppy, schoolgirl, classy, and elegant 

Dresses and Skirts  

Where to get them : H&M , Charlotte Russe and/or Macy's or JCP 

School Girl Look

Forever 21 has some pieces of like the bow tied white collar shirts and some elegant vest. 

Pops of Color !

http://www.welovecolors.com/ -- stockings, footies etc. and http://www.topshop.com/ or any random 
boutiques in your local mall.


Wet Seal ( not the beauty supply ), Forever 21 ( MY FAVORITE STORE ) or  http://www.cheap-headbands.com/ 

For More On Blair's Look Check Out : http://www.collegefashion.net/fashion-tips/how-to-dress-like-blair-waldorf/   :)


Everyone has a day where they just feel like complete crap, your extremely tired, lazy, and you suddenly hear your bed telling you to stay , don't go. You tell yourself 5 more minutes then I promise I will get up..15 minutes past and now your late ! 

You still want to look decent but still feel like you didn't do much..I mean your tired, who feels up to looking cute, there's no caring about dressing nice what so ever when you have one of those days. Here a couple of looks you could go with ( I will list 3 , but expect some more posts on options ) when your feeling that way. There decent, relaxed and says your put in some effort this morning.

Look #1 : The Classic PINK, Uggs and a pullover ( any boots or pullovers are fine )
This look is extremly comfortable to me.I don't have Uggs or PINK yoga pants but the yoga pants are on my list ! Those Uggs aren't my per-say style. My boots style is kind that is listed in the Look #2. I do have yoga pants but there from different stores, by different brands.

Look #2 ( aka my almost everyday look ! :) ) : The Chic City Gal
I love brown. Brown feels comfy but still looks stylish.I have some really warm boots that are close to the ones pictured below. I'm getting the black ones next week. Those boots are like my now everyday shoes along with the Nine West boots my sister got me in Chi Town.Fitted jeans do me well. They go great with shoulder-off shirts and vest ! The weather is getting colder so sometimes I wear my sweater shoulder- off shirt with a scarf. This is almost my everyday look. I try to pair it with some rust or greens.

 Look #3 : Plain Jane Goes Insane !
This look is for my ladies who usually just throw one big "ugly" tee with some tore up tacky jeans ! SO PLAIN JANE !! So I gave it a touch of techno insanity ! By insane I mean the look is so popped out ! It's bright for fall.

Most of these looks are at the following stores:
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters
The North Face

Hoped I helped those terrible fashion days ! I will post more on regular for everyone. Not just the college students :)

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