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Adventure Experience :

Join me on my three week "give up" !
This is how this works : you pick something, whether is a bad habit or a unhealthy food, and "give up", give up that habit or food! Eventually the good habit will over run the bad, you'll be to use to the good habit. This three week adventure will help you in the long run , I know it has for me :)
So I'm giving up all juices and pop ! I going back to an all water process. So join dolls "give up" on something that you never really needed. If you don't have an idea on what, here are some suggests:
Butting nails
Being shy
Being negative
Eating when sad
Eating when bored
Hating people
Being an outsider
Watching inappropriate things
and so on..
Now this starts Monday! Monday you are the new you , the you who can release what isn't needed in your valuable life. Start with me now! Join the life that you know you will work better in :)
Now if you need help on how to overcome your habit contact me ! I'm always open and I never judge :)

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- Brie