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What Do You Think ?

I have been thinking very hard on this idea a good friend shared with me a while ago ; Creating a fashion stylist/tester website. Basically a tester is someone who tests out beauty/fashion related products before people buy them. So I would be giving reviews on makeup or how good of a purses quality is, whether its Dior or a simple floral purse from Claire's. I would be on there mostly during weekends.So there would be 2 post a week, but it will surely add up. With the stylist part I would costumize videos and quizzes for your personal needs/use on what to wear for a certain event. There will also be OOTD, DIY's,and product of the week sorta thing.
Let me know what you guys think ! If I get a hand full of request saying YES then I will keep you all posted on the final answer !
You can let me know via Twitter, Instagram or post a comment below on what you think.
xoxo God is Love. Love is God.

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