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Wedding Series : Daring Flowers

I just wanna put this out first ,I'm extremely thankful for the lady letting me take these pictures. They usual don't allow photos to be taken where I'm from.

Here we have an original "flower piece" from David's Bridal with a tied back bow. I think its classy, elegant yet fun and flirty. This piece would be for someone who is very fun about clothing. Not just anyone would like this. Me, myself I love it ! I have not yet seen anyone in a close to wearing a dress like this at their wedding. If it were me I would definitely wear it. But, for my 40+ bride-to-be's , I wouldn't comply this as a go for you. Why ? Because this is more on the hand of a younger and "fool in love" type of dress. I would go on the hand of a more serious , elegant dress.


These shoes I just thought would be so cute for ladies who just can't stand heels ! I feel ya ladies !! Sometimes flats can be our life savors and at a time wear we have to wear heels because there more formal or lady/classy like only because we don't have heels ..BRING THESE BABIES OUT ! Always and I repeat ALWAYS have at least two stunning pair of flats. You don't wanna out do yourself with heels.

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