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OOTD : September 26,2012

Good Afternoon Fellow Dolls !
Today was pajama day for spirit week at school. But I freaked because I didn't have any shoes to wear with my cute pj's. So in replacement I wore some Adidas pants and a Nike pullover . Extremely unfashionable but I made it work and it was my own comfy/pj outfit. Underneath I just wore a black v-neck.

Side Note : Sorry to my dolls for having another lazy/comfy mode outfit twice in a row ! This isn't like me what so ever ! I usually always dress up. 

Pullover : Ladies Foot Locker ( old and online ). Earring : Claire's ( old ) , Shirt :
Target ( you can't see it but it was just a black v-neck )

Pants: Adidas 
Shoes: Lacoste 

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