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OOTD : September 23,2012 Pt 1

Happy Sunday You All !
Today I went to church and I aimed for the formal but stylish chic look. The flower bracelet made the look look more chic along with the glasses that made the look look stylish.I paired it up with the colors black and white to pop out the gray a little more. Today was such a beautiful day but It was so windy, so I pulled out my formal but street chic crochet vest/jacket.It is not pictured below but it had some grey, light nude brown, pearl and black in it. It went very well with the look I was trying to get.

White shirt attached to vest: Some store in the mall, Pants: Levi's,
Shoes: Gramma gave them to me :)
Bracelet : Clarie's , Glasses: Clarie's, Black Handband: Beauty Supply
Earrings: Forever 21

 xoxo God is Love . Love is God

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