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Next Stop College :

Next week I will be doing a series just for my college students !! This will be very exciting ! There will be tips , do & don't for my ladies who are on a busy schedule, how to make time for fashion events, and much more. ALL my fashionista's or fashionista-to-be's tune in next week.It's gonna be all towards you ! But, of course I won't forget my other dolls I will have a high school series coming up and a 20+ series. I'll never leave you all out ! 
There is a way too look fabulous but still be a busy lady on a busy, tight schedule !
Here is how this will work : I will randomly pick 3 days out of next week and make a whole series of college fashion ! Again, it is random I might start  Monday or Wednesday .. you will just have to stay tuned everyday to see what's new ! :)

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