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From Your Blogger B : My Favs !

I have decided to start a "My Favs" collection on makeup/beauty products, magazines, styles and SONGS ! I bounce from different genres daily.. all depending on my mood.If I'm sad I might listen to some gospel or some rap, If I'm happy I might go with some pop, If I'm feeling "fist-pumpy" than I throw on some "fist-pump" pop ! I'm ex termly random when it comes to music. Some days I even listen to BOTDF ( a group named Blood On The Dance Floor ) ! So here are a little section of my favs ! The one that's currently on replay is Yes by Beyonce ! I absolutely love her and her music along with Fumble by Trey Songs !!

A couple of my favs in songs that are not listed below in the pics are :
Cupid - 112
Stay - Tyrese
T.O.N.Y - Solange 
U Got It Bad - Usher
Burn - Usher
Waiting On the World to Change - John Mayer 
Party Up ( Up in Here ) - DMX
In Love With Another Man - Jazmine Sullivan ( Love Her Voice ! )
Boo Thang - Verse Simmonds ft Kelly Rowland
All Destiny's Child Songs 
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake 
Scrubs - TLC
Lost Ones - J.Cole ( MY FAVORITE RAPPER ! )
All Whitney Hudson songs <3
Doing It Wrong - Drake 
..and a couple of others.

xoxo God is Love. Love is God.

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