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From Your Blogger B : Cozy Nights !

It's been so cold in my house for a couple of days now. So I decided to bring out my robe ! Robe's just make me feel so comfortable on those cold nights. Pull out a good book, put on some Pandora, grab some hot peppermint tea and turn on the lamps, that's an average cold night for me. I try to read as much as I can !  ( I'll post a couple of books I'm reading now..and yes I read more than one book at a time ).
I really love this robe. I had a it for a while now and it's only done wonders ( lol I'm going all on a robe ).

Side Note : I know the lighting is terrible , It's not the camera its were I took the picture... I know now not to take pictures in that room.But you can still see the robe clear enough.

It's creme with paisley pink flair.
Target or Wal-Mart : I forgot .. It's so old !

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