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From Your Blogger B : Books I'm Reading !

As I said in my last post I try to get as much reading done as possible. So that means throwing 3 books at me at a time ! One of the books my friend referred to me. She said it was just my type of book so I grabbed it at my local library. I never really buy books I borrow them. I don't why I should buy unless its a guide or reference or maybe even how-to's so that I will forever know " how-to".. ! My "book type" I would say would be drama, romance and a mixture of real issues of young adults .. something that everyone goes through.. those are the best books for me. I could really never enjoy sci-fi or anything around those board lines. The last books I've read were Forever by Judy Blume, Chain Reaction and Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles ( the last two are series ).

The Books :
The Break-Up Diaries by NiNi Simone and Kelli London 
Tangled by Carolyn Mackler
Premiere On the Runway by Melody Carlson 

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