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The Season of Choosing...

Hey Loves.
It's been so long since I've actually sat and opened Blogger. Blogging has always been a joyous reliever for me, but my heart has been so dedicated to 31 & Rubies, LLC lately. If you have no clue on what 31 & Rubies is... SIS, where you been?? You're not following me on Instagram? Let's stop and get that together. Go ahead. Get your phone and follow me at allthingsbrie, then follow the ministry at 31rubiesllc.

Gratitude in the Midst of Trials

Hello beautiful friends,
in this post I wanted to encourage you.

Have you been going though some hardships? In season of confusion or feelings of defeat consistently go through your mind? Have your thoughts been a bit more negative lately? Whatever season you’re going through - know that’s it’s needed. Reaching greatness is never a straight path - in order to really have what God wants for us we have to be able to go through a few hills (big or small) and remain grateful through it all. Gratitude is so important in ANY and EVERY season you’re in. Why? If we praise His name and be glad in our blessings, surely God wants to be the same way in our trials.  You may say it's crazy - God knows my heart and He gets why I'm so distant and haven't been in the Word- but sis that's not how you should think. He wants your attention MORE THAN ever now!! When you hurt, don't go to your friend, go to God. Seek God and ask Him to fill you with overflowing gratitude. Begin to speak with thanksgiving for every blessing God has given you. Stop looking at what you lost or don’t have and be thankful for whats still in your life!! 

Guide to Essential Oils | The Basics

Hello Beautiful People,

I'm sure we've all Googled natural remedies or ways to cure something maybe simple as a headache, brain fog or even a sleep aid. For a year now I've been doing my own research on how to overall live an holistic lifestyle and essential oils came up. I decided to self evaluate myself and see what I actually needed, and today I want to share the basics. For the everyday headache, tummy ache, sleep aid, better breath etc. The oils I have tried below, all work very effectively!! Also, they aren't as pricey, but still all natural.

This Month's New Reads

Hello loves,
HAPPY MAY 🌸 as you know I love to read and every month I like to start with fresh new books. Something about the smell of the pages and the curiosity of what this particular author has to say excites me. Below I've complied 3 of my newly bought self-help books.


Hello beautiful people,
TODAY is the day. I am officially 19 years old. And honestly I've been feeling 19, if that's even a thing. Like I found myself, when asked how old I am, saying 19. It's so weird to be in a in between age. What I mean by that is a age that is between more important ages like 18 and 21. I'm right kinda in the middle, so not much happens at 19. So I've heard. But to bring in a wonderful birthday I decided to share 19 things I am going to do before 20. Usually people go for 19 lessons they've learned or 19 tips, something in that area but I wanted to switch it up! 

2017, so far has been an adventurous year. Not that I've done anything adventurous yet but I'm planning on crossing off a few things from my bucket list very soon. I claimed on the last day of 2016 that I would live a more dauntless lifestyle. I will keep you all updated on each thing I do cross off. 

Now 19 things I want to do before 20...