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Guide to Essential Oils | The Basics

Hello Beautiful People,

I'm sure we've all Googled natural remedies or ways to cure something maybe simple as a headache, brain fog or even a sleep aid. For a year now I've been doing my own research on how to overall live an holistic lifestyle and essential oils came up. I decided to self evaluate myself and see what I actually needed, and today I want to share the basics. For the everyday headache, tummy ache, sleep aid, better breath etc. The oils I have tried below, all work very effectively!! Also, they aren't as pricey, but still all natural.

This Month's New Reads

Hello loves,
HAPPY MAY 🌸 as you know I love to read and every month I like to start with fresh new books. Something about the smell of the pages and the curiosity of what this particular author has to say excites me. Below I've complied 3 of my newly bought self-help books.


Hello beautiful people,
TODAY is the day. I am officially 19 years old. And honestly I've been feeling 19, if that's even a thing. Like I found myself, when asked how old I am, saying 19. It's so weird to be in a in between age. What I mean by that is a age that is between more important ages like 18 and 21. I'm right kinda in the middle, so not much happens at 19. So I've heard. But to bring in a wonderful birthday I decided to share 19 things I am going to do before 20. Usually people go for 19 lessons they've learned or 19 tips, something in that area but I wanted to switch it up! 

2017, so far has been an adventurous year. Not that I've done anything adventurous yet but I'm planning on crossing off a few things from my bucket list very soon. I claimed on the last day of 2016 that I would live a more dauntless lifestyle. I will keep you all updated on each thing I do cross off. 

Now 19 things I want to do before 20...

I am Black...Everyday

happy 𝔅LACK history month! ✊🏾

In honor of an exciting month I complied a few songs and poems to get it kicked off the right way. When I think of Black, I think of jazz, beauty, strength, kings & queens, power, soul, good food, laughter and the list goes on. I LOVE THE SKIN IM IN. I celebrate me and my beautiful brown people not just in February but everyday. And it should be that way. We as a people have been going through so much and counted to grow with all the hate around us. I like to think of black people just like a lotus flower. Just like the flower it grows in mud and just like Black people we grow into something beautiful in bad circumstances. SO, lets get into it!

3 Things I Cut Out My Life

Hello loves,
It's a new month in 2017 and a few days ago I had a one on one talk with myself. I sat in front of my mirror told myself to be vulnerable in that moment. Say anything and everything, if something is bothering me say it. If I'm anxious, say it out loud. I'm always finding myself having an overwhelmingly amount of thoughts going through my head in 1 minute. I overthink... a lot. And I repay situations that happen in my life. It gets so annoying and something I have to stop myself to just breathe. So as I was having my one on one time with myself, I wrote in my journal everything that bothers me and it came down into 3 categories. It involved people, my thoughts and my diet. Below I am sharing what I've decided to let go. It's so important for everyone to sit down and make their own personal list of what they feel it's time to release. What I may need to gain, you already have enough of. So take some time after reading this post so have your own reflection time. :)